This is so cool. Looks like a mail flyer advertising movies for April 1958 movies at the drive in ! Meet in Gallatin.
From the 1970s. Elderly lady made them. Plastic canvas with yarn. 33 inches and 26 inches long. Meet in Gallatin
Aren t these cute! Price is for all 4. 8 inches tall. 2 with the flickering light bulb. Meet in Gallatin
These are SOO adorable. Those of us of an older age remember Charlotte Becker s rosy cheeks baby s. These were in my ex-husband s nursery when he was a baby. He s almost 74 now Charlotte is world-renowned for her Rosy Cheek Baby Art . She was born in 1901 and died in 1984. She won numerous awards from Fine Art Shows. She did paintings, Glicee art, illustrations and more in her lifetime. I remem...
This is what I was going to try to send to Nashville before decided to take them samples. Will be going next week: I have approximately 200 of copper twisted cross lightening arrestor runs , plus 14 lightening rod finials (13 ) and 30 roof insulators. As shown in the pictures, the runs are mostly 10 lengths with a couple of shorter or broken pieces. All but the insulators are copper and the thr...
Question?? Does anyone know someplace that buys antique lightning rods for a house? Or pulleys for antique windows? Or fireproof glass from an antique fireplace insert? Do you know the phone number for the Pickers, from tv, store in Nashville?
Sweet vintage tray. 14 inches long. Slight rust as seen in picture Meet in Gallatin